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Personal Finance Calculators

See the net financial difference between renting and buying property. 

Is a car loan and a new car better than buying an older car outright?

Calculate your savings rate based on your monthly income streams and expenses.

How much do you need to have saved and invested to become financially independent.

Featured Top Products

Credit Ladder Website

Build your credit score with rent payments

AMEX Platinum Cashback Credit Card

Earn 5% cashback on your spending plus an instant £10

Money Dashboard App

Free money management app linked to all your bank accounts

A passion for personal finance

As with the majority of my website visitors, I'm someone who has the goal of becoming financially independent simply by being smart with my personal finances.
Fruitful Money is a place for sharing the best personal finance products and advanced calculators for others to use to help them reach their own ambitious money goals.
*Please be aware that information on this website is not financial advice and is simply my thoughts, tools and opinions used for guidance.*

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