Best Personal Finance Products

Having tried many financial products to help with saving, investing and generally managing my personal finances, I've come across some of the best financial products. These are the top products. *Read my note on referral links*

ONTO (Formerly Evezy)

Electric vehicle monthly car subscription with everything included (£50 off first month with CODE 73a83)

The cheapest way to own a Tesla in the UK! Pay monthly for a selection of amazing electric cars with a monthly subscription which includes charging, insurance and maintenance. When you crunch the numbers this is the same as, if not, cheaper than buying a car outright with the additional benefit of no hassle, flexibility and full control of what car you have.

Also Consider...

Car Wow

Save £££ when buying your perfect spec new car

If you are interested in going down the new car route, Car Wow offers a compelling service to help you easily compare dealers and save £1000's. It's pretty addictive watching their car reviews on YouTube which I'd highly recommend.

Also Consider...

Mojo Mortgages

Award winning free online mortgage broker (Free £150 Amazon Voucher)

Mojo mortgage broker makes comparing and applying for mortgages a breeze, and the best thing is that it's a free service that does not affect your credit score. I'd recommend signing up simple to see what competitive mortgage offers is can provide for you.

Also Consider...

Honeygain Passive Income

Earn passive income by selling your unused internet bandwidth plus a free $5

An unusual but completely passive way to earn a little extra cash is to sell your unused internet bandwidth using Honeygain. It even has an android app to help increase your earnings! I haven't noticed any issues since having this app running in the background of my laptop and I use the money towards my monthly internet bill.

Also Consider...

Honey Browser Add-on

Let Honey do the promo code searching for you when shopping online

Not heard of Honey yet? It makes life easier and cheaper by automatically searching for vouchers and promotional codes when you are shopping online.

Also Consider...

Marcus Savings Account

The best fixed rate savings account with easy access and pays monthly

Marcus by Goldman Sachs offers one of the highest easy access interest rates, but what makes it stand out for me is its simplicity, ease of use and importantly, monthly interest payments.

Also Consider...

How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age (Book)

Learn the proven methods to positively influence others in the digital age

Reading this book gave me a more positive outlook on my interactions with others and helps to show how winning friends and influencing others benefits you financially.

Also Consider...

Lloyds Bank

Overall the top bank for their ease of use service, great app and fantastic high street branches

Having benefited from changing my bank accounts for the top switching bonuses, I've tried nearly all of the major banks and Lloyd's bank has consistently been my favourite. Their app and customer service is fast and simple and high street banks are always in aesthetic buildings including automated cash deposit machines. I'd recommend becoming a Club Lloyds Member for additional benefits.

Also Consider...

Credit Karma App

See your up to date credit score every 7 days

Keeping on top of your credit score is easier than you think using apps like Credit Karma. You will receive regular updates as well as tips on how to improve your score.

Also Consider...

Trading 212 (Free Stock Trading)

Commission free individual stock trading. Free share included with sign up!

Get started with investing in individual stocks to earn dividends using Trading 212 which is the most popular and featureful free stock trading app in the UK and Europe. Signing up gets you a free random share!

Also Consider...

Money Dashboard App

Free money management app linked to all your bank accounts

This is the app that really got me started on my financial independence journey. Track, budget and plan your finances in one place for free. I recommend it to all of my friends and family.

Also Consider...

Credit Ladder Website

Build your credit score with rent payments

Instrumental in helping me buy my first property, credit ladder will easily help you improve your credit score which helps with getting the best deal on a mortgage or loan.

Also Consider...

Wealthify Robo Investor App

Effortlessly start investing your money plus £50 cashback

Using this simple investment app you can choose your preferred risk level and track your money's growth while it's managed by professional investors. I took advantage of the previous cashback deal to gain more than 10% return on my investment!

Also Consider...

AMEX Platinum Cashback Credit Card

Earn 5% cashback on your spending plus an instant £10

I've personally earned over £210 cashback from using this card for day to day spending, with the added bonus of building and improving my credit score! Tip: Remember to always pay back the full balance each month to avoid the charge.

Also Consider...

Referral Links Note

I sometimes use referral links to share products with the aim of providing you with discounts and cashback (when available) as well as to help me fund the upkeep of this website - Thanks!


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